Preschool Full-time Program:Learning Core Academic Subjects in English

Ages: 2 years and four months old to 5 years old

All the teachers are native speakers. Enhance your second language skills with our 100% English learning environment!

★Immersion education that enables students to study a wide range of fields in English
★Acquisition of knowledge to become a cosmopolitan
★Unique programs that utilize the expertise of right-brain exercises and early education 

★Activities for improving pronunciation
★P.E / exercises

With practice on a daily basis, students can not only improve their daily conversation skills but also have a greater command of English as their second language. This course gives students an opportunity to acquire the knowledge for becoming a cosmopolitan.

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At our preschool, students have conversations only in English. We aim to let them use English naturally in a fun learning environment and think in English as they do in Japanese by applying the right brain exercises. We encourage them to enhance memory/speaking skills as well as listening skills. The students can obtain sound knowledge of each subject in addition to the rules required in society while they research about cultures, customs, natural science or art in the world to cultivate liberal minds and international perspectives.

Our students become bilingual by the time they graduate from the preschool. Since we also put time into reading practice, they can read books on their own (average level of reading skills: Eiken test 3rd grade).

★ Eiken Test Bonus ★

We offer a voucher to those who have passed Eiken tests during their preschool period!

< Bonus for each Eiken grade >

Grade pre 2: 30,000 yen         Grade 2: 100,000 yen

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We have afterschool programs that the preschool students can join after their daytime study. We recommend the best class for each students so that they can truly enjoy an English environment all day (approximately 7 hours) .

American School is located close to Nagoya station and that gives students an easy access.  Our school bus is available for pick ups/drop offs with a focus on the Nagoya station area and Nakamura ward. Please feel free to contact us to get more information about the available area.