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We offer a free trial lesson to those who are considering full-time, 1day or Saturday preschool program !

Please click below to fill in the application form and visit us if you are interested.

We would show you how our students enjoy the class and what kind of teaching methods are applied to the actual lesson.

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★★ Information Session of Preschool Full-program 2023 ★★

 August 30  (Tue) 10:00-11:50

The information session of our preschool full-program is now available for all kids and parents who are considering the enrollment in SY 2023! More detailed information that you cannot find on this website or SNS such as daily schedule or curriculum details will be shared to get ready for coming enrollment.

Click the following link to get an application form and complete your reservation.

★Join the full-time program information session

※Other application methods are as follows:




This information session can be requested anytime apart from the dates shown above. Feel free to contact us if you have a schedule request.

▼Preschool class information 2022 

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※With regard to the 1Day preschool program, we also provide detailed information with an observation or trial lessons. Contact us to observe the actual lessons.

※As for the schedules regarding other classes (regular course/international course) for this year, they will be announced on January 16 (sun) for internal students during the parents meeting, and on January 20 (thu) for others on this website.