1Day Preschool Program

1Day Preschool Age: 1.8 to 5 years old

Students can take this course once a week but the frequency can be changed as they get used to going to school. They can make use of this program as preparation for weekly preschool (full-time program) running at American Hills school, or as the brush-up course for Japanese nursery schools and kindergartens.




The lessons of this course mainly provide conversation practice in order to improve their listening skills in a fun learning environment without any pressure. Even the students who have just started participating in the class on their own will eventually take a challenge to join the hours of English training and enjoy using English more. In addition to right-brain exercises, the program includes various kinds of lessons such as singing kids songs, chants, dancing, mathematics or basic training of phonics pronunciation/reading.

We have introduced interactive boards (electric whiteboards) equipped with touch functionality so that students can be involved in English practice more using the 100-inch big screens. Students can enjoy coloring, tracing, and writing alphabets more as practice with the boards.

Working on 30-35 activities at a fast pace in one lesson, students can activate their right brain unconsciously and that will lead to improvement of their memory and imagination.

We have monthly themes for the classes and carry on activities along with them such as playing new games, cooking or crafts. Since worksheets are applied when practicing basic writing, please have your children bring a set of stationaries.

Our school offers lessons in new buildings that have an American-style kitchen and a garden with a slider and swings. One teacher will handle the whole class from the beginning to the end. We have a school policy that keeps a small number of students and thus parents can ask the responsible teachers how their students are in the class. Please feel free to ask any questions.